WiFi HD Doogle For Airplay Miracast Smartphone Netflix Hulu
WiFi HD Doogle For Airplay Miracast Smartphone Netflix Hulu flash sale WiFi HD Doogle For Airplay Miracast Smartphone Netflix Hulu discount

WiFi HD Doogle For Airplay Miracast Smartphone Netflix Hulu ( Sale on Jul 2020 )

Grab Now WiFi HD Doogle For Airplay Miracast Smartphone Netflix Hulu from star seller byintek Official Store. High Quality Hulu HD For Doogle Miracast WiFi Netflix Airplay Smartphone from ( ) with -50% discount. You only need to pay US$19.99. Find many related audio video product at the list below. With 4.5 rating from 3296 review, We make sure that all items in our storefront have ✓Free Shipping Global! ✓Promo ✓High QUality Guarantee ✓Easy Return ✓and many more.

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Application scenario: Smartphone screen wireless transmission to projector or TV Smart tablet screen wireless transmission to projector or TV The screen of the computer wireless transmission to projector or TV Important Note If your projector or TV does not have the HD interface shown below, you will not be able to support this Wireless display dongle. Must have the HD interface as shown below 2. Smartphone transfer to the computer is not supported ,because the HD interface on the computer is HD-out Note The sender is a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The receiving end is just a projector or a television. Wireless display dongle is used to connect to a projector or TV. Therefore, the projector or TV must have an HD interface, otherwise it cannot be used. Netflix and airplay are now commercial competitors, and Netflix has already posted news that will not support airplay in the future. So airplay-enabled phones can t push Netflix. A bad network environment can cause video delays. The faster the network plays, the smoother it will be. Some projectors and TVs USB ports do not provide enough power for the Wireless display dongle, and the Wireless display dongle needs to be powered separately by the phone s power charger. About Netflix Some video apps have copyright protection. You need to enable the wireless display function of the device first. After successfully synchronizing the display, then open the Netflix video app, otherwise it will not be displayed synchronously. The correct sequence of operations is: the smartphone and projector first turn on the mirroring function, synchronize display, and then open netflix. Operation guide video Video contains content 1. How to connect devices 2. How to switch the signal source of the connected display device 2. Wireless display for android smartphone 3. Wireless display for iphone 4. How to operate Wireless display dongle to connect to home wifi network 5. How to mirror copyrighted video apps like youtube and netflix Features 1. Wireless display dongle can be used for LCD/LED TV set , Projector, Monitor with HD input. 2. Wireless Display Dongle supports IOS 8.0 , Android OS 4.2 , Windows OS 8.1 , Mac OS 10.8 Wifi-display dongle RK3036 dual-core, A7 CPU 1.5GHz Support H.265 decoding, HD 1080p playback,HD 1.4 Support google protocol Support more video apps than similar products Miracast Android, Windows AirPlay for iOS, Mac OS DLNA Support Smartphone/tablet/computer wireless connection to projector Support smartphone/tablet/computer wireless connection to TV System requirements for smartphones/tablets/computers Connected via HD interface, powered by USB interface How to connect TV How to connect to projector 1. Plug Wifi Display Dongle into the HD port of the projector. The USB port is for wifi display dongle . It needs to be plugged into the USB port of the projector or plugged into the USB charger of other mobile phones. 2. Operate the source or Input button on the remote control of the projector. Switch the projector s signal to the corresponding HD signal channel 3. The following screen will appear, and the hotspot and password of wifi display dongle will be displayed on the screen. How to connect Android phones 1. Enter the settings of the Android phone, find the mirror function of the Android phone, search and connect. Note: The mirroring function of Android phones, such as Screen mirroing, wifi-display, multi-screen, screen projection, play to, media output , etc., the mirroring function names of different brands of Android phones are different. If your phone does not have an option for mirroring, it will not be supported. How to connect iphone devices 1. Open the iphone wifi, search for the device, enter the password and connect. 2. Open the iPhone s Airplay and search for the connection, you can mirror it. Note: At this time, your iphone is disconnected from the wifi router. To connect to wifi, you need to do the following: 3. Operate Iphone to end mirroring 4. There will be an IP address display on the projector screen. 5. Open your phone s browser and enter the IP address on the projector screen. The IP address will change during operation. You must quit the browser, re-enter the correct IP address, and connect to your router. Connect wifi display dongle to the wifi of your home router. 4. Open the iPhone s Airplay, and search and connect, you can mirror. How to connect to the computer You must first find the mirroring function of your computer, generally in the computer s display settings, such as airplay, miracast, wifi-display . If your computer does not have a mirroring function, then your computer does not support this feature. Note If your computer does not have a separate wireless mirroring feature, it will not be supported. Package Wireless display dongle x1 USB Wifi Cable x1 User Manual x1

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Product audio video : Hulu HD For Doogle Miracast WiFi Netflix Airplay Smartphone. MPN : MP32821870920 Brand Name: byintekModel Number: WiFi HD dongleItem Type: Wireless connection projector TVCPU: RK3036 dual-core, A7 CPU 1.5GHz

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